About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of young people who love to play angklung and play angklung with love.


In 2010 UNESCO recognised angklung as world’s intangible cultural heritage. This status should not be taken for granted. As young Indonesians, it is our responsibility to preserve our heritage by promoting the beauty of angklung worldwide.

Support and collaboration

Tim Muhibah Angklung is  under under the management of Yayasan AMADA. We also have a privilege to do some collaboration with some prominent angklung communities such as Angklung Hamburg Orchestra, Angklung Eindhoven, Angklung Web Institute (AWI), Saung Angklung Udjo, and Bale Angklung Bandung to name a few.


Yayasan AMADA is a foundation that works through cultural and civilization campaigns; knowledge production and management; creative products promotion; capacity building through education; community development and empowerment towards a more culturally advanced and civilized society. Be it a campaign, a research, a training, or a start-up, Yayasan AMADA pursues positive impacts from them.
Their current projects are Tim Muhibah Angklung (Maintain stage), Mapping The Potential of E-Waste Mining in Indonesia (Pilot Stage), Beasiswa Bimbel (Scaling Stage), School Zoning and Inequality of Opportunity (Idea Stage), A Mom to Be (Idea Stage), Green Mosque (Idea Stage), Inter-generational Welfare (Idea Stage), and Heat Treatment for Metal-Based MSME (Idea Stage).