Film The Journey


35 musical beginners went to compete in a prominent folk-competitions in Europe to preserve and promote angklung, an Indonesian heritage. They must succeed otherwise they will ruin the angklung’s reputation. This film is more than a story about Angklung – which by the way was recognised by UNESCO as world’s intangible cultural heritage in 2010. It is about a journey into the unknown for a large group of young people – their first international travel, chaotic schedules, meeting and touching the hearts of people from different cultures. It’s a journey that none of them will ever forget.


Our Campaign

Recently, we held a campaign specifically for high schools throughout Bandung in order to study Strengthening Character Education through film media. We have involved more than 10 high schools in Bandung in the first quarter of 2024 with a total of more than 2000 students. The plan is that we will continue expansion for junior high school students and expand our reach throughout the provinces of West Java and Jakarta.


Meanwhile, the schools that have carried out screening with us are SMAK BPPK BANDUNG, SMAN 22 BANDUNG, SMKN 7 BANDUNG, SMAN 2 BANDUNG, SMA PASUNDAN 7 BANDUNG, SMA DAARUT TAUHID BANDUNG, SMA NUGRAHA, SMAN 3 BANDUNG, SMKN 13 BANDUNG, SMK TI PEMBANGUNAN CIMAHI, and SMK YADIKA SOREANG. And it will continue to all high schools in the city of Bandung.


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