About Us


In 2010 UNESCO recognised angklung as world’s intangible cultural heritage. This status should not be taken for granted. As young Indonesians, it is our responsibility to preserve our heritage by promoting the beauty of angklung worldwide.

Who are we?

We are a group of young people who love to play angklung and play angklung with love.

Support and collaboration

We are very grateful to get a full support from Paguyuban Pasundan and Sembilan Matahari. We also have a privilege to do some collaboration with some prominent angklung communities such as Angklung Hamburg Orchestra, Angklung Eindhoven, Angklung Web Institute (AWI), Saung Angklung Udjo, and Bale Angklung Bandung to name a few.

Paguyuban Pasundan

Paguyuban Pasundan is a Sundanese cultural organization that was founded on 20 July 1913, to become the oldest organizations in Indonesia that still operates. During its existence, the organization has been moving in the field of education, socio-cultural, politics, economy, youth and women empowerment. Paguyuban Pasundan works to preserve the Sundanese culture.

Sembilan Matahari

Sembilan Matahari is a cross-disciplined studio founded back in 2007. Based in Bandung, the capital city of West Java, where many creative industry enthusiasts have successfully arise from Indonesia. Different from other studios, Sembilan Matahari does not only serve as production house. The team of Sembilan Matahari consists of animators, VFX artists, architect, programmers, scientist, engineers, musicians, sound designer, illustrators, graphic and user interface designers, writer, art director, and filmmakers. Its focus and main interest lay on cross disciplines designs, film, and creative coding expertise. Sembilan Matahari collaborates with amazing talents around the globe coming from various backgrounds to create bold, innovative, experiential, and inspiring works that made up not only the commercial portfolio but also our international award-winning portfolio. Recently, Sembilan Matahari’s work on video mapping won the first prize in Zushi Media Art Festival (Japan, 2012), Circle of Light Festival (Moscow, 2014) and Festival of Light (Berlin, 2017).